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Ready Your Sales Team

Furniture, lighting, carpets, booth location, business cards, giveaways, hotels, travel details, team members, food, staffing, out of the office work, name badges, presentations, demonstrations, and sales, sales, sales! There are a lot of details you need to think about when it comes to taking your sales team to a conference or trade show. Conferences can [...]

Master Project Management

Have you ever had that project that just wouldn’t stay on the budget? Or maybe your project started off strong, but in no time at all you find yourself two weeks behind schedule. Or maybe you’ve almost reached the finish line, only to see the project sponsor throw in a last minute request that changes [...]

Inspire Extraordinary Performance

Do you manage others? What do you do to inspire your team members to be extraordinary? A performance management system with boxes to check and ratings to assign? Periodic reviews laden with tension for everyone involved? Inspirational posters on the walls and donuts on Fridays? Many of us have been managed by—or have had to manage [...]

TorranceLearning Announces Eleventure Business Skills Course Library

We are completely geeked to announce our new Eleventure elearning library, a business skills curriculum designed for and hosted on the LearnCore LMS platform. The first 30 courses in the series cover a broad range of business skills to help employees take their performance, their careers and their organizations to the next level. “With Eleventure, [...]